manual car wash and wax services

Manual car wash and wax services

For car owners in Dublin 2 who want a more personalised and detailed cleaning experience, a manual car wash and wax service is the perfect option. This type of service involves a team of professional cleaners who use specialised tools and techniques to clean your vehicle by hand, providing a level of attention to detail that cannot be matched by automatic car washes.

Manual car wash and wax services typically involve several steps, starting with a thorough pre-wash to remove any loose dirt and debris from the surface of your vehicle. This is followed by a hand wash using high-quality car shampoo and microfiber mitts, which are gentle on your vehicle’s paint and help to remove any remaining dirt and grime.

Once the vehicle has been washed, the next step is to apply a high-quality car wax by hand. This helps to protect your vehicle’s paint from UV rays, road salt, and other environmental factors that can cause damage over time. The wax is applied using a soft foam pad and then buffed to a high shine, leaving your vehicle looking its best.

In addition to the wash and wax, manual car wash services may also include other detailing services such as tire cleaning and dressing, interior cleaning, and headlight restoration. These additional services can help to further enhance the appearance and value of your vehicle.

A manual car wash and wax service is an excellent option for car owners who want to ensure their vehicle receives the highest level of care and attention. With its personalised approach and attention to detail, this type of service is an investment in the longevity and beauty of your vehicle. So if you’re in Dublin 2 and looking for a manual car wash and wax service, be sure to choose Jet Crystal Car Wash, a reputable and experienced provider who can help you keep your car looking its best.